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The department of Physics at Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous) has been an integral part of the institution for the past 20 years. The department aims to impart fundamental and hands on skills in using instruments, thus ensuring the technical skills of the students are addressed.  The department is home to well-qualified, experienced, and highly motivated faculty members. These educators deliver the Engineering Physics course to first-year B.Tech students. Moreover, the faculty members of the department are actively engaged in research pursuits, further enriching the academic environment with their scholarly contributions.

HOD’s Desk

Greetings from the Department of Physics!

The Department of Physics stands as a keystone of knowledge and innovation at Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous), Kottayam. Committed to excellence, we offer Engineering Physics to all B.Tech programs. In today’s dynamic landscape, the increasing significance of Physics in emerging engineering technologies is undeniable.

The Physics Department takes pride in its pivotal role in addressing the challenges of the modern era. With a keen focus on theoretical and experimental physics, we empower students to delve into cutting-edge research and technological advancements. The realm of Engineering Physics is vast, encompassing classical mechanics, Optics, quantum physics, electromagnetism, nanotechnology, laser and photonics, and much more.

As we witness the transformative impact of Physics on various disciplines, our department remains at the forefront of fostering a deep understanding of fundamental principles. We embrace the evolving needs of the scientific community and industry, ensuring that our students are well-prepared to contribute meaningfully to the ever-changing world.

Best Regards

Dr. Suresh Babu M

HOD Physics

E-mail: hodphysics@saintgits.org

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