Internships and Placement

There are ample job opportunities available in front of B.Tech Food Technology graduates in Government as well as Private sectors. Once you graduate from the course, you will find multiple career options waiting for you. We offer placements through campus recruitment, off-campus recruitment, internship followed by placements, industry projects leading to job offers, etc. Our students are recruited by many reputed industries in India and abroad. They also progress for higher education in top ranked institutions in the world.

  • The Food Corporation of India (FCI)
  • Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)
  • Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS)
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
  • Ministry of Food Processing Industries
  • Ministry of Child and Women Welfare
  • Ministry of commerce and Industry
  • Ministry of Defense and DRDO
  • Export & Inspection Council of India
  • Nutritional Board of India
  • ICAR
  • BARC
  • State and Central Food Laboratories
  • National Meat and Poultry Processing Board (NMPPB) 
  • NIN
  • DFRL
  • State Ware housing corporation
  • Central Ware Housing Corporation
  • State Agricultural Universities
  • Food Technologists – QA/QC/Production/Operation
  •  R&D – New Product & Process Development
  •   Food Machinery and Instrument Manufacturing Companies
  • Compliance Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  •  Marketing & Sales
  •  Business development and Marketing analysis
  •  Procurement & Supply chain Management
  •  Corporate Food Manufacturing Companies and MNCs
  •  Small and Medium level Food Processing Companies
  •  Food Research Laboratories
  •  Food Analysis laboratories
  •  Food Quality and Certification Organizations
  •  Seasoning Houses
  •  Food Ingredient supplying companies
  •  Agricultural Commodities Export Ventures
  •  Food packaging

Placement Details

2018-2022 Batch

S.NoName of the student placedName of the EmployerAppointment letter reference no with date
1Ajay K JosephDairy Classic Ice Creams (P) Ltd  Later Dated 07/09/2022
2Akhila RajanHiravati Marine Products LtdLater Dated 07/10/2023
3Alan JosephInfifresh Foods Private Limited  KVB63458
4Alina Mary KuruvilaSymega Food Ingredients Pvt.Ltd  Later Dated 15/11/2022
5Amalu Sara SabuFarmers Freshzone Private LimitedFFZ/HRD/2022-2023/12744
6Ann Maria JohnyCasino Air Catering And Flight ServiceLater Dated 04/02/2023
7Aravind Biju  Infifresh Foods Private Limited  KVB53514
8Arooja JosephAmazonLater Dated 01/08/2022
9AvanthikaLens Medical VisualisationLetter dated 22/02/2024
10Dani Varghese  Indocert  Letter dated 28/11/2022
11Emlyn Susan Alexander  Thalappakatti Hotels Pvt. Ltd.  D031729
12Fathima FarzanaPenina Group Of CompaniesLetter Dated 15/02/2023
13Gouri B NairSpice BasketREF/SB/2022/10/14
14Jesny Sosamma VargheseH.T.Foods Pvt. Ltd.HTF 052
15Jemi Ann SajiJupiter  Products CompanyLetter Dated 13/09/2023
16Joma VargheseMTR Foods private LtdMTR/Eastrern/HRD/OP650/Appoint/23/3002
17Joyal JoseH.T.Foods Pvt. Ltd.Later Dated 25/05/2022
18K.KarthikApril 3rd Foods  Later Dated 11/10/2022
19Kaushik PadmakumarWimpey Laboratories L.L.C.WL/DXB/297/2022
20Liliya ShajuParisons Roller Flour Mills Pvt. Ltd538PRFM-2022
21Nasrin T SAjmi Flour Mills (India) Pvt.Ltd17200317
22Namitha AnilkumarH.T.Foods Pvt. Ltd.HTF 057
23Neha HarisBarakat Quality FoodsLetter Dated 01/08/2023
24Noor Mohammed AdilId Fresh Food (India) Pvt. LtdID900169
25Pooja SureshH.T.Foods Pvt. Ltd.Later Dated 22/08/022
26Raima JennyMeat Products Of India LimitedMPI/ER-PROJ/2023/420
27Reeba JacobEastern Condiments138546
28RosemariaH.T.Foods Pvt. Ltd.HTF 058
29Sayana LatheefSouth Indian Bank LimitedHRD:TAT:TRG:1495:2022-23
30Sona JosephSouth Indian Bank LimitedEmployee id 18213
31Sneha Karayil SanthoshMccormick Kutas Middle EastLater Dated 19/01/2023
32Sherin TomPlant LipidsEmployee id 4521

2017-2021 Batch

Sl.No.Name of the Student PlacedName of the EmployerAppointment Letter Reference No: with date
1  Abhirami R  Parayil Bio Farm  PF/PP/HR/1103
2  Aboob Zinan A M  Crowne Plaza  Cochin  001763
3Aijah R PaiSeaworld AbudhabiLetter Dated 28/04/2022
4Amala Theresa GeorgeAccelerated Freeze Drying Company, AlappuzhaLetter Dated   10-10-2021
5Arya Udayan KV Guard Industries Pvt Ltd, KochiLetter Dated 11/07/2022
6Asha KPremier Exports International,AlappuzhaPEI/056
7Aswathy E RSymega Food IngredientsLetter Dated   30-05-2022
8Athira JAzcco Global Ventures Pvt Ltd
9Athulya Mary ThomasGenobiGS-A10835
10Athulya STata Consumer Products Ltd01/04/2023
11Bilal NasimudeenKatrina sweets and confectionaryLetter Dated  15/01/2023
12Doniya Meria PaulQuality Assurance Plant Lipids Pvt Ltd, KolencheryPL/AL 216/7-22
13Gayatridevi JayachandranJW Marriot Marquis Hotel, DubaiLater Dated 29/06/2022
14Godwin JacobFreash To HomeLetter Dated 01/07/2022
15Hasim InsanNational Food Industry,Qatar290122
16Jibin RajJunior Officer, FFP Plant No.2Accelerated Freeze Drying Company Pvt.  Ltd, EzhupunnaLetter Dated 29/03/2022
17Krishna Priya KAssistant Marketing Officer MilmaLetter Dated  15/05/2023
18Prima B NairGujarat Enterprises 
19Marisha  V HPepsico Global Business services India LLPGS10098352
20Mariya MathewSystems Engineer Infosys , Mysore1179025
21Milan Ann JobNational Quality Consultants98509599
22Reshma Mariam SureshSymega Food IngredientsLetter Dated   21-06-2021
23Richi Anna AbrahamQuality Controller Colosseum Doha W. L. L QatarLetter Dated 21/06/2021
24Rinsa NaseerBayfield Food IngredientsLetter Dated 13/01/2022
25R S J VishalR&D Engineer,V-Guard Industries Pvt Ltd, KochiLetter Dated 17/05/2023
26Sandra MohanConsultant Engineer, Kerala State Productivity Council, KalamasseryT03052203
27Sandra Mohan E MExtramark Education India Pvt LtdE21990
28Soji RJuniorOfficer Accelerated Freeze Drying Company, FFP Unit 2,Letter Dated 07/04/2022
29Susan PauloseGenobiLater Dated 12/05/2022
30Vineesh VBig Basket674088
31Vishnu Raj VGlobal Shipping & LogisticsLater Dated 23/05/2023

Internship Details

Batch 2021-2025

Sl.NoIndustryNo.of StudentsBatchAY
1Joy Ice Cream Kinfra,Kakkancherry62021-252022-23
2Innovative Food Products Pvt Ltd,Aroor52021-252022-23
3Ht Foods Pvt Ltd,Kochi72021-252022-23
4Malanadu Development Society,Kanjirappally42021-252022-23
5Brahmins Curry Powders,Thodupuzha32021-252022-23
6Milma Dairy Plant, Thiruvananthapuram22021-252022-23
7Zero To Zero On Drone (Online)62021-252022-23
8Keerthi Nirmal Rice Industries,Kochi62021-252022-23
9Peoples Dairy Development Project,Angamaly62021-252022-23
10Artificial Intelligence (Online)32021-252022-23
11Bioelectricity Generation During Kitchen Waste Water Treatment Using Microbial Fuel Cell12021-252022-23
12National Biscuit And Confectionery Saudi Arabia12021-252022-23
13Mangala Food Products Aroor32021-252022-23
14Milma Dairy Kozhikode12021-252022-23

Batch 2020-2024

Sl No.Name of Industry/OrganizationNo. of Students AttendedBatchAcademic Year
1Navya bakers62020-20242022
2kse limited82020-20242023
3The travancore sugars and chemicals Ltd.152020-20242022
4Milma Dairy222020-20242021-2022
5Mangala Sea Foods112020-20242022
6Innovative Foods Privated Limited12020-20242023
7Export Agency Inspection Kochi142020-20242022-2023      
8Ojes Kottayam112020-20242021-2022
9Nutricreams pvt ltd.(Meriiboy Icecreams)82020-20242022
10AM Fisheries42020-20242023
11Milky White Icecreams52020-20242022
13Pazhangadi Oil Industries32020-20242021
14Kay Kay Exports32020-20242022
15HT Foods (Bell Group)32020-20242021
16KVASU, Mannuthy22020-20242023
17NAS Foods EXIM32020-20242023
18Wynad Exports32020-20242022
19Sindhooram Food Products32020-20242023
20Parisons Roller Flour Mills Pvt Ltd12020-20242021
21Merry-Time Cream Foods Pvt Ltd12020-20242022
22Rani Food Products12020-20242023
23Paragon bakers,Kozhikode12020-20242023
24Kerasree popular oil mill12020-20242023
25Anchuthara food products22020-20242022
26Accelerated Freeze Drying Company LTD32020-20242022
27Amplicon Biolabs, Kinfra Techno Industrial Park32020-20242023
28Crust N Crumb Food Ingredients Pvt.Ltd12020-20242022
29Synthite Taste Park,pancode22020-20242022
30PDDP Central Society22020-20242023
31Dev snacks22020-20242023
32Varappetty service co-operative bank training12020-20242022
33Symega food ingredients Ltd12020-20242021
34Cyan international12020-20242021
35Joy ice cream12020-20242022
36Bioingredia natural pvt Ltd,Ernakulam22020-20242021
37Jasper Phytoextracts Kinfra,Nellad22020-20242022
38Periyar,Chirackal agro Mills12020-20242022
39Akay Natural Ingredients Private Limited32020-20242022
40Thermicraft Industries22020-20242023
41River Valley32020-20242021
42Classic Cream Dairy32020-20242022
43Mattathil Bakers32020-20242022
45Kerafed Oil Complex32020-20242022
46Seaboy Fisheries pvt ltd12020-20242022

Batch 2019-2023

Sl.NoIndustryNo.of studentsBatchAcademic year
1Milma Pathanamthitta22019-2320-21
2Nirapara Kalady32019-2320-21
3HT Foods Kakkanad242019-2320-21
4Milma Trivandrum82019-2320-21
5Milma Kannur12019-2320-21
6HT Foods Kakkanad12019-2321-22
7Unipulp Agro Industries, Malappuram72019-2321-22
8Foster Hot Bread Pvt Ltd, Malappuram62019-2321-22
9Milma Tvm22019-2321-22
10Infoways Coloring Innovations, Noida12019-2321-22
11Mothers Mix Pvt Ltd,Muvattupuzha22019-2322-23
12Malyalam Foods12019-2322-23
13Nature Pure, Pathanamthitta32019-2322-23
14Best Foods, Puthupally22019-2322-23
15Eastern Condiments Pvt Ltd32019-2322-23
16ICAR, Kochi12019-2322-23
17Export Inspection Agency, Kochi92019-2322-23
18Crust  N Crumb Food Ingredients Pvt Ltd, Muvattupuzha12019-2322-23
19Home Mother Products, Perumbavur12019-2322-23
20Jeo-Chem Laboratories Pvt Ltd, Alappuzha12019-2322-23
21Malayil Food Park, Malappuram12019-2322-23
22Fresh Alicious Super Bazaar Pvt Ltd, Bangalore22019-2322-23
23Foodastha Nettoor12019-2322-23
24Hebon- Artocarpus Foods Pvt Ltd, Kannur12019-2322-23
25The Highrange Dairy Cooperative Society Ltd, Idukki12019-2322-23