Power System Simulation Lab

This lab is used for advanced research and training in analytical modelling and simulation for power system analysis, planning, design, operation, control and automation. The lab is equipped with software like MATLAB, ETAP and PSCAD.

Control & Simulation Lab

The lab is furnished with advanced control panels and circuitries similar to industrial application to assist students in understanding their operation. Students are also familiarized with the simulation techniques for different control equipment using various software.

Electrical Machines Lab

This lab is intended for conducting various experiments in different types of Electrical Machines. This laboratory imparts the knowledge and study of various DC and AC Machines. The lab is well equipped to conduct any experiment for UG and PG course works.

Power System Lab

This lab is used for advanced research and training in High voltage engineering, Power system protection and controls.

Electrical Measurements Lab

This lab primarily familiarizes students with the operational and constructional features of various electrical based measuring equipment which have application in the commercial sector as well as in industries. This lab is also used for measuring basic electrical quantities using appropriate instruments, and to pre-determine and verify fundamental network theorems in DC circuits and calibrate measuring instruments by employing suitable methods/standard equipment.

Power Electronics Lab

This lab deals with the advanced power electronics circuitries and their control. Students are familiarized with the operation and characteristics of various equipment to provide an edge to them in world of automation. Generation and analysis of output waveforms of inverter/converter using power electronic modules and synthesis of waveforms of different types of inverters/converters using simulation software are done in this lab.


The CAD Laboratory of EEE department offers facilities to all students to work with the sophisticated 2-D & 3-D design and analysis software. The CAD Laboratory has a total number of 36 computers with the latest configurations connected with a high-end server. Most of the software has been acquired with a good number of user licenses to meet the needs of a large number of students and researchers.

Electrical Workshop and Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

This sector deals with the fundamental concepts of Electrical Engineering. This lab is intended to assist the first-year students in developing their fundamental knowledge in basic electrical engineering.

Power Electronics & Energy Research (PEER) Lab

PEER lab was set up in 2014. It is utilized for research in areas related Power Electronics, Drives and Control, Power Systems, Renewable Energy Systems, FACTS and Power Quality measurements.


The scheme aims to modernize and remove obsolescence in the Laboratories / Workshops/ Computing facilities so as to enhance the functional efficiency of Technical Institutions for Teaching, Training and experimenting purposes. It also supports new innovations in Class Room and Laboratory / Teaching Technology, development of Lab Instructional Material and appropriate Technology to ensure that
the practical work and project work to be carried out by students is contemporary and suited to the needs of the industry. The equipment financed under the scheme up to a limit of Rs 9.56 lakhs /- could
be ideally used for up gradation of equipment in existing laboratories, enhancement of performance parameter specification of existing equipment, incorporation of latest development in the field and replacement of old depreciated equipment by modern equipment. The Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering received the sum of Rs. 9.56 Laksh- in the year 2012-13 to modernize the Power electronics and drives laboratory.