Funded Projects

Funded Projects(Faculty) 

S NoName of the facultyTitle of the ProjectOrder DateFunded ByFunding Amount (Rs.)Status
1Polly ThomasLo-Ra & Wi-Fi Based Synchronous Energy Metering, Internal Fault revelation and theft Detection with Artificial IntelligenceNovember 16,2020Energy Management Centre (EMC)36,182Completed
2Jineeth Joseph (PI) & Ancy Sara Varghese (Co-PI)Development of an online monitoring scheme for partial discharge detection in transformer windings.November 22, 2019Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), KTU2,20,000In progress
3Elizabeth Rajan (PI) & Aparna Thampi (Co-PI)Harmonic reduction in Solar PhotoVoltaic System using packed U cell Multilevel Inverter.November 22, 2019Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), KTU1,90,000In progress
4Dr. Mahendran NDesign and development of solar photovoltaic system with reduced current ripple KY boost converterDecember 1, 2018Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), KTU2,50,000In progress
5Polly ThomasDesign and prototype development of an advanced system for feeder fault and service wire backflow protectionSeptember 18, 2017Kerala State Council for Science, Technology and Environment (KSCSTE)6,40,000Completed
6Arun Sebastian (PI) & Polly Thomas (Co-PI)A benchmark experiment for eddy current measurement on metallic surfaces during high power applicationsJuly 11, 2017Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), KTU1,30,000Completed
7Dr. Mahendran NMODROB – Modernization of Power electronic and Drives laboratory to analyze the performance of power converters in various electric drivesNovember 15,2019AICTE9,56,000In progress
8Amalu PhilipDevelopment of high speed localized protection scheme for DC ring microgrid2021Centre for Engineering Research and Development (CERD), KTU160000In Progress

Funded Projects(Students) 

Sl. NoBatchProject NameProject GroupMembersProject GuideFundin g AgencyAmou nt
12018-22Hybrid outdoor lighting system using gravitational force1.Abrar Ahmed Mallah 2.Jerlin P Varghese 3.Joenty Jose 4.Mathew PhilipDr N Mahendran Er.Arun SebastianCERDRs 5250
22017-21Automatic solar grass cutterAnand SAnsu Mariam KuruvillaBenson Mathew SamMohammed            Fais MikdadSreelal N.KSCSTERs. 10,000
32016-20Development of embedded system for speaker identification and recognition using AI method.Akash Kalluvilayil VenugopalanSharon K VarugheseSheba Merin Jacob1.Abraham George (Principal Investigato r)2. Er. Jineeth Joseph(Co-Investi gator)APJKTU-C ERDRs. 10,600
42015-19Prototype Development of a solar powered Rubber Sheet DryerFathima KhanGrace Neenu ThomasKava VSweety Asha JoseEr. Merin AntonyKSCSTERs. 10,000/
52014-18Design and Prototype Development of a Smart Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) for accounting electric power theft, loses and power outageAlthaf Muhammed                 E MGifty Mariyam George 3.Jithu Jose 4.Sharvin NageebEr. Polly ThomasOne MP One IdeaRs.2,50 000/-