Students Achievements

Team Striders Racing -SAE BAJA: SAE BAJA vehicle is a single-seater off-road all terrain race-car, ensuring safety of the occupant. Tubular space-frame chassis – high strength steel with custom made suspension and steering components, and lightweight body panels manufactured at our laboratories by our students. The design’s top priority is safety. ie; (i) rigid rollover cage that protects the driver from impact in the event of a crash, (ii) a braking system that is capable of stopping the vehicle from 60 kmph speed in a distance of 3 metres, (iii) and well—contained fuel and exhaust systems. Power comes from a 305cc Briggs and Stratton 10hp engine that drives the rear wheels via a CVT automatic transmission that was specifically developed for this particular vehicle.

The preliminary “Virtual BAJA” round was held at Chitkara University, Chandigarh (13th-14th July 2018) where 400 teams participated. Team Striderz bagged the 2nd position out of 12 teams.  Fabrication started after the Virtual BAJA. The whole manufacturing process was completed in January, 2018

  2. EFFICYCLE- Team SMECTRE:   Saintgits efficycle team participated in the efficycle competition conducted by SAE India at Lovely Professional University,Jalandhar, Punjab.

3. SAE Supra

SUPRA SAEINDIA Student Formula is a national engineering design competition held by the Society of Automotive Engineers India (SAEINDIA). The goal is to develop and provide a platform for student engineers to experience, build, and learn. It offers a unique way to test students’ theoretical knowledge in a practical context. Students gain and develop skills such as enginering, project management and team work.

4.  Yuva Mastermind

Yuva Mastermind is one of the biggest science and technology competitions in Kerala organised by Malayala Manorama. All colleges, high schools and higher secondary institutions in the state take part in the contest aiming to provide solutions to social issues with the help of science and technology. 

The team boot up from saintgits college of engineering, from mechanical division is named as REATS based on their project Reverse Equipped All Terrain Scooter. Team comprises of Afrin Niyas, Ajay Gopal, Akbar Dileep and Elsaph M Binu. Guided by Er. Arun K Varghese.