Research Publications – Food Technology

Dr. Lakshmi Mohan

  • Indirubin, a bis-indole alkaloid binds to tubulin and exhibits antimitotic activity against HeLa cells in synergism with vinblastine, L. Mohan, D. Raghav, S. M. Ashraf, J. Sebastian, and K. Rathinasamy, Biomedicine & Pharmacotherapy, 105(2018) 506-517.
  • Berberine Induces Toxicity in HeLa Cells through Perturbation of Microtubule Polymerization by Binding to Tubulin at a Unique Site, D. Raghav, S.M. Ashraf, L. Mohan, K. Rathinasamy, Biochemistry, 56(2017) 2594-2611.

Dr. Girilal M

  • Comparative stress physiology analysis of biologically and chemically synthesized silver nanoparticles on Solanum lycopersicum L., M. Girilal, A. Mohammed Fayaz, L. K. Elumalai, A. Sathiyaseelan, J. Gandhiyappan and P. T. Klaichelvan, Colloid and interface Science Communications, 24(2018) 1-6.
  • Synthesis, characterization and biological applications of myco synthesized silver nanoparticles, A. Sathiyaseelan, A. Shajahan, M. Girilal, R. Ramachandran, V. Kaviyarasan, P. T. Kalaichelvan, 3 Biotech, 7(2017) 1-9.

Dr. Elsa Cherian

  • Production of biodiesel from pork fat using alumina-doped calcium oxide nanocomposite as heterogeneous catalyst, Elsa Cherian, D Yazhini, M Victor, G Baskar, Energy Sources, Part A: Recovery, Utilization, and Environmental Effects, 43(2019) 1-10.
  • Production of bioplastic using Jackfruit perianth, A Mohamed Muthaszee, MV Ramanan, Ritty K Cherian, Parvathy Biji, & Elsa Cherian, Indian Journal of Experimental Biology (IJEB), 58(2020) 875-878.
  • Immobilization of cellulase onto MnO2 nanoparticles for bioethanol production by enhanced hydrolysis of agricultural waste, Elsa Cherian, M Dharmendirakumar, G Baskar, Chinese Journal of Catalysis, 36(2015) 1223-1229.

Dr. Sithara Sureshchandran

  • Molecular Relaxation of Freeze-dried Broccoli as Measured by Low Frequency Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (LF-NMR) and its Relationship to the Glass Transition, Rahman, M. S., Suresh, S., Al-Habsi, N., Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 2020.
  • Thermal Characteristics and State Diagram of Freeze-Dried Broccoli: Freezing Curve, Maximal-Freeze-Concentration Condition, Glass line and Solids-Melting, Suresh, S., Al-Habsi, N., Guizani, N., Rahman, M. S., Thermochimica Acta, 655(2017) 129-136.
  • Broccoli (Brassica oleracea) reduces oxidative damage to pancreatic tissue and combats hyperglycaemia in diabetic rats, Suresh, S., Waly, M. I., Rahman, M. S., Guizani, N., Al-Kindi, M. A., Al-Issaei, H. K., Al-Maskari, S. N. M., Al-Ruqaishi, B. R. S., Al-Salami, A., Preventive Nutrition and Food Science, 22(2017) 277-284.

Er. Jayasree Joshi T

  • Effect of Dry Ginger and Black Pepper Powder on Compositional and Sensory Attributes of Herbal Peda, Ananthakrishnan K A, Anita Mary Sunil, Jayasree Joshi T, Anu Renjan and Hridya Raveendran, Proceedings of National Conference on Biotechnology Research Innovations and Opportunities, (2020) 14-20.

Dr. Jobil J Arackal

  • Optimization of Persea Americana pulp incorporated cookies using sensory analysis: a response surface methodology, Jobil J Arackal, S. Parameshwari, International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences, 10(2019) 3209-3216.
  • Identification of antioxidant activity and shelf life assay of avocado fruit pulp incorporated chapattis, Jobil J Arackal, S. Parameshwari, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2020.
  • A detailed evaluation of fatty acid profile and micronutrient analysis of chapattis incorporated with avocado fruit pulp, Jobil J Arackal, S. Parameshwari, Materials Today: Proceedings, 2021.