Funded Projects

Sponsored Research / Funded projects (Academic Years:  2016-17 to 2021-22)


SL NO.Name of the FacultyProject TitleProject TypeFunding AgencySanctioned Amount(in Rupees)Sanctioned DateStatus
1Dr. Beena A O (PI)Application of Deep Learning Techniques for Impairment Mitigation in Next Generation Multiple Access TechnologiesTARESERB18,30,00006.12.2021Ongoing
2Dr. Binson V A (PI)Er. Anish Thomas (CO-PI)Analysis of human exhaled breath volatile organic compounds using electronic nose system for pulmonary diseasesRSMCERD80,00013.08.2021Ongoing
3Er. Ajith Ravindran (PI) Dr. Shajimon K John (CO-PI)Investigation towards the use of Spectroscopic Techniques and Chemometrics in the Rapid Identification of Coconut Oil AdulterationRSMCERD45,00013.08.2021Ongoing
4Dr. Pradeep C (CO-PI)Design, development, and deployment of energy‑efficient smart EDGE devices for real‑time traffic flow prediction and controlCollaborative ResearchDST (Government of India), NMICPS, TiHAN at IIT Hyderabad40,00,00020.07.2021Ongoing
5Dr. Riboy Cheriyan (PI)Modernisation of VLSI Lab: Software Defined Radio (SDR) – Open multimedia application platformMODROBAICTE7,35,29420.07.2020Ongoing
6Dr. Rahul Antony (PI)Er. Vinu Koshy Abraham (CO-PI)Design and development of a Temperature Controlled Micro Chamber with precise monitoring and control for Lab-on chip applications using MEMSRSMCERD1,80,00001.12.2019Ongoing
7Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri (PI)Mud and manhole cleaning robotRSMCERD1,40,00001.12.2018Ongoing
8Er. Vinayakumar B (PI)Power generation using Gravitational power plantsRSMCERD1,40,00001.12.20180ngoing
9Dr. Ansal K A (PI)Dr. Riboy Cheriyan (CO-PI)Design, Development, Characterization of CPW fed Miniaturized Antennas and filters for UWB ApplicationRSMCERD1,10,00007.11.2017Completed
10Er. Ajith Ravindran CCO-PI)Dr. Shajimon K John (CO-PI)Detection of Artificially Ripened Fruits and Chemically treated VegetablesAPJ Abdul Kalam Youth Challenge ProgrammeKSCSTE4,18,00016.12.2016Completed


Student Projects

SL NO.Name of the FacultyProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount(in Rupees)Sanctioned DateStatus
1Er. Anu Raj (PI)Er. Agitha M S (C0-PI)Anju Sosa John (SI)Greeshma Thomas (SI) Sona Susan Zacharia (SI)IoT based Real Time Air & Noise Pollution Alert system for Asthma and Angina PatientsCERD10,00027.04.2022Ongoing
2Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri (PI)Arjun K S (SI)Abhijith Arun (SI)Anpin Mary John (SI)Kevin Kallikunnil Varghese (SI)Isolation Robot (ISO-BOT) for patient healthcareCERD16,00027.04.2022Ongoing
3Dr. Sreekala K S (PI)Er. Dhanusha P B (CO-PI)Arun Gopinath (SI)Mariam Susan Philip(SI)Automotive Particulate Emission Monitoring System for Sustainable Environment (APEMS)KSCSTE10,00029.10.2021Completed
4Er. Abraham K Thomas (PI)Er. Ashwin P V (CO-PI)Nitin Thomas (SI) Shaniya Shyju (SI) Elcen Ninan Zachariah (SI) Ajith Mathew Jose (SI)Keyboard for Intellectually DisabledKSCSTE9,99929.10.2021Completed
5Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri (PI)Anjana B Nair (SI)Boaz Babu George (SI)Shebin RejI (SI)Georgin James (SI)SIWAR, A Robust Teleoperated Robot for Hospital isolation WardsGeojiit27,00014.09.2020Completed
6Er. Ashly John (PI)Er. Hanna Mathew (CO-PI)Aiswarya Satheesh (SI)Akhila Vinod (SI)Arya R. Anil (SI) Sreya M. James (SI)Automated Wheel Chair using brain waves and eye ballCERD13,54706.02.2020Completed
7Dr. Beena A O (PI)Er. Roshni Oommen (CO-PI)Rosemol James (SI)Akshitha Saji (SI)Alwin Emmanual (SI) Reema James (SI)IoT Enabled cost effective Braille Printer with an efficient EmbosserCERD26,00006.02.2020Completed
8Er. Ashly John (PI)Er. Ashwin P V (CO-PI)Arjun Shankar P B (SI)Arumina C.V (SI)Al based spectacles for BLINDSCERD24,50006.02.2020Completed
9Dr. Riboy Cheriyan (PI)Dr. Ansal K A (CO-PI)Sree Sankar E (SI)Joel Abraham (SI)Reuben George Mathai (SI)Sandeep Narayanan (SI)Machine learning based finger printing for accurate positioning of Things in GPS denied Environments using Lora -WAN Long range wide area NetworkCERD32,00006.02.2020Completed
10Dr. Saravanan K (PI)Albin Sanjay (SI)Dileep Mohan (SI)James M Chacko (SI)Joshua Siby (SI)Implementation of Locality Sensitive Hashing by Bloom Filter Technique for Cyber Security in Social NetworkKSCSTE14,00022.01.2019Completed
11Er. Nishanth P R (PI)Chillu Elizabeth Kuriakose (SI)Anitta Dominic (SI)Aswani Boban (SI)Bhagya Rajan K (SI)Classroom AutomationKSCSTE15,00022.01.2019Completed
12Dr. Ansal K A (PI)Dr. Riboy Cheriyan (C0-PI)Dana Mariam Jacob (SI)Reshma V R (SI)Roshni K Rajan (SI)Mithu Mariam Cherian (SI)Minimization of Radiation Effects of Mobile Antennas by EBG StructuresCERD32,50010.11.2018Completed
13Dr. Beena A O (PI)Er. Roshni Oommen (CO-PI)Riya Thomas (SI)Maria Rose James (SI)Smart Braille PrinterCERD22,00010.11.2018Completed
14Er. Dhanusha P B (PI)Er. Sreekala K S (CO-PI)Shinly Victoria (SI)Joshwa Avinash Kumar (SI)Geoff Aabel Roy (SI)Sooraj S Vinod (SI)Energy conservation by limiting electrical energy wastage using effective detection of stationary and moving humansKSCSTE6,00003.08.2017Completed
15Dr. Ragesh G k (PI)Meenu V Raju (SI)Meenu Elza Eapen (SI)Archana S (SI)Elma Babu (SI)Design and development of cloud enabled wireless health monitoring systemKSCSTE9,00003.06.2017Completed
16Er. Beena AO (PI)Er. Roshni Oommen (CO-PI)Jenita Ann Mathew (SI)Jisha Raju (SI)Lidiya Daley (SI)Intelligent Energy meter with Theft Detection for Smart HomesKSCSTE1000021.12.2016Completed
17Er. Jyothishchandran G (PI)Er. Anu Raj (CO-PI)Amith P Dasan (SI)Megha Roy (SI)Amitha Antony (SI)Sherin Varghese (SI)Smart Driving System with Automatic Driver Alert & Braking MechanismCERD1900024.10.2016Completed

Patents: Published & Granted (Academic Years:  2019-20 to 2021-22)

SL NO.Title of PatentNational / InternationalDetails of PatentPatentees/ Inventors
1A Novel Circularly Polarised Rectenna for RF Energy ScavengingIndianApplication Number: 202241032410, Application Date: 07.06.2022, Publication Number: 202241032410,Publication Date: 10.06.2022Er. Arjun Murali Er. Jagadish Chandran GDr. Ansal K AEr. Nina CleetusDr. Binu K Mathew
2Real Time 3D Capturing System for Quality AnalysisIndianApplication Number: 202141037372, Application Date: 18.08.2021, Publication Number: 202141037372,Publication Date: 27.08.2021Er. Jyothish Chandran GMr. Benjamin Koshy AlexMr. Julian PrasadMs. Samanta KottackalEr. Nishanth P R
3Non-Destructive Technique for The Detection of Artificially Ripened Mango Using Machine LearningIndianApplication Number: 202141028306 A, Application Date: 24.06.2021, Publication Number: 202141028306,Publication Date: 09.07.2021Er. Ajith RavindranEr. Anoopa RavindranDr. Shajimon K John
4An IoT based E-switch for elderly peopleIndianApplication Number: 202041056651, Application Date: 28.12.2020,Publication Number: 202041056651,Publication date: 01.01.2021Dr. Binu K MathewMr. Gladwin Yohan MathewMr. Don John DanielMr. Alan V Eldo
5Ultrasound based measurement device for Latex extract from Rubber trees to estimate instantaneous DRCIndianApplication Number: 202041052999, Application date: 04.12.2020,Publication Number: 202041052999,Publication Date: 11.12.2020Dr. Youhan SunnyEr. Binson V AEr. Vinayakumar BE7r. Jyothikrishnan MEr. Harinarayanan NampoothiriEr. Anish Thomas
6Machine Learning Based Dynamic Antenna System to Mitigate Effects of Environmental Attenuation in Wireless CommunicationIndianApplication Number: 202041036948 A, Application date: 27.08.2020, Publication Number: 202041036948,Publication Date: 11.09.2020Dr. Riboy CheriyanMr. Joel AbrahamMr. Sree Sankar EMr. Sandeep NarayananMr. Reuben George Mathai
7Low-Cost Low Power Semi-Automatic Water Level ControllerIndianApplication Number: 202041038481, Application date: 07.09.2020, Publication Number: 202041038481,Publication Date: 25.09.2020Dr. Binu K MathewDr. Ansal K AEr. Anu RajEr. Anish M GeorgeEr. Maheswary Sreenath
8Low Radiation Wearable Microstrip Antennas for Embedded Skin Patch ApplicationsAustralianApplication Number: 2020102000, Application date: 26.08.2020,Publication Number: 2020102000,Publication Date: 10.09.2020,Granted published Date: 01.10.2020 Dr. Ansal K A
9Development of IOT Based Part Inspection SystemIndianApplication Number: 202041016738, Application Date: 18.04.2020,Publication Number: 202041016738,Publication Date: 05.06.2020Dr. Ansal K A
10Genomic Processing Embedded System for Dataset Generation And Deep AnalysisAustralianApplication Number: 2020101618, Application Date: 03.08.2020, Publication Number: 2020101618,Publication Date: 20.08.2020,Granted published Date: 10.09.2020 Dr. Ansal K A
11A system and method of IoT based intelligence greenhouse surviving system with cloud computing systemIndianApplication Number: 201941033012, Application Date: 15.08.2019,Publication Number: 201941033012,Publication date: 20.09.2019Dr. Riboy CheriyanDr. Saravanan K
12Effective extraction of solar energy system with LabView environmentIndianApplication Number: 201941020561 A, Application Date: 24.05.2019,Publication Number: 201941020561,Publication date: 14.06.2019Dr. Aravindhan Alagarsamy