Research and Development



Dr. Mahendran. N has been granted Patent for his innovation titled “Energy Distribution and Loss Management System for Smart Cities using Distributed Ledger based Blockchain Technology” 

(Australian Patent issued by ‘IP Australia-Australian Government’)

This invention presents the design of an energy distribution and loss management system for smart cities using distributed ledger based blockchain technology. Square chains or dispersed orders are an arising innovation that has drawn extensive interest from energy flexibly firms, new businesses, innovation engineers and budgetary foundations. This work employs square chains based model for energy business and illuminate the state regarding the craftsmanship by altogether investigating the writing and current business areas.

                    MAJOR AREAS OF RESEARCH

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Power Systems
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Power Electronics Systems
  • Control systems
  •  Machine learning
  • Embedded systems
  • Artificial Intelligence


    Sl. NoName of StaffResearch Topic
1Dr N MahendranPower Converters and Solar PV systems
2Jisha JamesPower Electronics
3Fossy Mary ChackoPower QualityDistributed Generation and Power Electronics applications to power systems
4Ancy Sara VargheseCondition Monitoring of Power Equipment
5Aparna ThampiMultilevel Converters Renewable Energy Systems
6Abraham GeorgeEmbedded Systems Machine Learning
7Vinu Koshy AbrahamMEMSEmbedded Systems Robotics
8Polly ThomasElectric VehiclesRenewable Energy Power Systems
9Arun SebastianHigh Voltage Engineering Smart Grid
10Jineeth JosephHigh Voltage Engineering: Condition Monitoring of Power EquipmentPartial Discharge Mechanism in Insulating MaterialsFEM based Analysis of Power Equipment Electromagnetic Wave propagation Studies in Power EquipmentElectromagnetic Interference and Compatibility
Power System Monitoring and Control
11Elizabeth RajanPower Electronic ConvertersElectric Vehicle
12Amalu PhilipPower System ProtectionMicrogrid
13Merin AntonyRenewable Energy Resources Electric vehicle
Details of Research Scholars in EEE Department
SI NoName of ScholarDate of EnrollmentName of Research SupervisorsArea of Research
1Sherin Joseph18/12/2018Dr. Shajimon K JohnSolid State Transformer
2Aparna Thampi18/12/2018Dr. Mahendran NPower Electronics
3Amalu Philip18/12/2018Dr. R M Shereef  & Dr. Mahendran N Power System


Sl.NoName of FacultyDesignationDepartmentPatent TitleTypeApplication No:Date of FilingDate of PublicationDate of Granting PatentCurrent Status Published/GrantedWebsite
1Dr. N MahendranHOD & ProfessorEEEEnergy distribution and Loss Management system for smart cities using Distributed Ledger Based Block Chain TechnologyInternational202010367411/25/202012/17/20201/20/2021Granted
2Dr. N MahendranProfessor & HODEEEAI Controlled Autonomous Micro Grid with Renewable Energy systemsIndian2021410330738/13/20218/13/2021Published
3Dr. Binu K MathewProfessorEEELow cost Low power semi automatic water Level ControllerIndian20204103848111/25/202012/17/2020Published
4Polly ThomasAssistant ProfessorEEEIoT driven Smart Pisciculture monitoring and conntrol systemIndian2021410209885/10/20216/11/2021Published
5Sreelal NAssistant ProfessorEEEAutomatic Solar cutterIndian2021410237345/28/20216/11/2021Published
6Merin AntonyAssistant ProfessorEEESmart Helmet for smart workersIndian2021410239985/29/20216/11/2021Published
7Dr.Jineeth JosephAssistant ProfessorEEESmart Fire Extinguishing RobotIndian2021410239665/29/20216/18/2021Published
8Arun SebastianAssistant ProfessorEEEAutomatic Billing System for Solar and KSEB powered Smart Electrical system using Block ChainIndian2021410240645/30/20216/11/2021Published
9Dr. Binu K MathewProfessorEEEAn IoT based Intelligent charging and charging management system for Electric VehicleIndian2021410240725/30/20216/18/2021Published
10Jancy VargheseAssistant ProfessorEEEDevelopment of Traffic control system based on congestions using Artificial Intelligence AlgorithmsIndian2021410241085/31/20216/25/2021Published
11Deepu JoseAssistant ProfessorEEEDemand Response implementation in Residential BuildingsIndian2021410243836/1/20216/25/2021Published
12Abraham GeorgeAssistant ProfessorEEEAutomatic Crop PredictorIndian2021410243096/1/20216/25/2021Published
13Amalu PhilipAssistant ProfessorEEESmart Energymeter with load management in grid connected solar systemIndian2021410245246/2/20216/25/2021Published
14Rachel RoseAssistant ProfessorEEESmart Wheel chairIndian2021410246726/3/20216/25/2021Published
15Aparna ThampiAssistant ProfessorEEESmart Hybrid Electric VehicleIndian2021410248466/4/20216/25/2021Published
16Christy Mary JacobAssistant ProfessorEEEIntegrated Smart safety system for two wheelersIndian2021410255716/9/20216/25/2021Published
17Ancy sara VargheseAssistant ProfessorEEESolar DishwasherIndian2021410242095/31/20216/25/2021Published
18Elizabeth RajanAssistant ProfessorEEEPlasma water treatment systemIndian2021410240755/30/20217/16/2021Published
19Dr. N MahendranProfessor & HODEEEA movable solar panel with mounting assemblyIndian348622-0015/31/20218/30/2021Published
20Dr. N MahendranProfessor & HODEEESolar inverter enclosureIndian348925-0016/1/20219/4/2021Published
21Dr. N MahendranProfessor & HODEEECloud based electric vehicles temperature monitoring system using IOTIndian2022410329636/2/20216/17/2021Published