Internship and Placement

An engineering intern is a student or recent graduate of an engineering program who is gaining hands-on experience in their field through an internship program.  Internships helps engineering students to acquire in-demand technical skills, helps to learn professional ethics or etiquette and helps in polishing the soft skills. Students get an opportunity to expose themselves to the actual work environment, contrasting with their textbook theories. Once you get an internship, make sure you focus on applying your knowledge and gaining an in-depth understanding of the latest technologies and tools.

Our students have undergone internships at well-known companies inside and outside Kerala. Some of them have done their internships outside India also. The major companies on which our students undergone internships are in MG Motors, ANERT,POWERON Industries, TRACO Cable company Limited, Synergy General Group, Keltron Trivandrum, Internshala Internships, ASAP Community Skill Park, Perumbaavoor, Entuple Technologies Pvt. Ltd., Bengaluru etc

Our students are getting placed in reputed industries in their core areas as well as in service industries. The major recruiting industries are  TCS, Infosys, UST Global, IBS, Amazon,  6D Technologies, Malayala Manorama, EY, TATA Consultancy Services and Limited, Federal Bank, Axis Bank etc.

Placement Details (Academic year 2018-2019,2019-2020,2020-2021 and 2021-2022 )    


Sl.NoName of industryNumber of students placedBATCH
1Q-BURST Technologies PVT. LTD12019-23 EEE
2Digicore Technologies PVT. LTD22019-23 EEE
4Quest Global12019-23 EEE
5Gapblue Software Labs Pvt. Ltd12019-23 EEE


Sl.NoName of industryNumber of students placedBATCH
1Infosys22018-22 EEE
2South Indian Bank12018-22 EEE
3UST Global22018-22 EEE
4Claysys Technologies1 2018-22 EEE
5QUEST Global Engineerng Services12018-22 EEE


Sl.NoName of industryNumber of students placedBATCH
 1Infosys32017-21 EEE
 2US Technology12017-21 EEE
 3TATA Consultancy Services and Limited12017-21 EEE
 4Cognizant12017-21 EEE
 5EY12017-21 EEE
 6Federal Bank12017-21 EEE
 7Sinergia Media Lab12017-21 EEE
 8H&R Block12017-21 EEE
 96D Technologies12017-21 EEE
 10NTT data services12017-21 EEE
 11POWERON32017-21 EEE
 12Wipro12017-21 EEE
 13Amazon22017-21 EEE
 14IIIT-Hyderabad12017-21 EEE
 15Mind tree12017-21 EEE
 16VRIZE Technologies12017-21 EEE
 17Celtric India12017-21 EEE
 18QUEST Global Engineering Services12017-21 EEE
 19Axis Bank12017-21 EEE


Sl.NoName of industryNumber of students placedBATCH
1Infosys32016-2020 EEE
2Wipro12016-2020 EEE
3QUEST Global Engineering Services12016-2020 EEE
4UST Global22016-2020 EEE
5TATA Consultancy Services and Limited12016-2020 EEE
6BYJUS the learning app12016-2020 EEE
7DXC Technologies12016-2020 EEE
8SNAGS Analytics22016-2020 EEE
9Gynesis Engineers and Contractors32016-2020 EEE
10Experion Technologies Pvt. Ltd12016-2020 EEE
11Amazon12016-2020 EEE


Sl.NoName of industryNumber of students placedBATCH
1Keltron22015-2019 EEE
26D Technologies2015-2019 EEE
3Infosys72015-2019 EEE
4Tesla Engineers Pvt. Ltd.12015-2019 EEE
5PIT Solutions AG12015-2019 EEE
6Mermer Technologies22016-2020 EEE
7Saranga Geosoftware12015-2019 EEE
8Hubbell12015-2019 EEE
9 Entuple12015-2019 EEE

INTERNSHIP  DETAILS -EEE DEPARTMENT (Academic Year 2019,2020,2021 and 2022)

Sl.NoName of industry/OrganisationNumber of students attendedBATCH
1Synergy General Group12018-2022 EEE
2KSEB Substation42018-2022 EEE
3Traco Cables22018-2022 EEE
4Icon Elevators12018-2022 EEE
5Power Development Department12018-2022 EEE
6KaaShiv Infotech22018-2022 EEE
7Lumevent Private Ltd12018-2022 EEE
8NIT Trichy52017-2021 EEE
9M G Motors12017-2021 EEE
10Siemens42017-2021 EEE
11Canara Paper mills Ltd32017-2021 EEE
12Resitech Electronics,Industrial  Development62017-2021 EEE
13KELTRON Power controls132017-2021 EEE
14Traco Cable Company Ltd72017-2021 EEE
15Panels India Industry52017-2021 EEE
16vydhuti bhavanam32017-2021 EEE
17POWERON Industries32017-2021 EEE
18Whispower generators32017-2021 EEE
19ANERT42017-2021 EEE
21KSEB Substation122017-2021 EEE
24Aluminium Industries Ltd., Switch Gear Division42016-2020 EEE
25Evergreen Technologies Pvt Ltd92016-2020 EEE
26Delta Electronics India Pvt Ltd22016-2020 EEE
27Siemens Gamesa Renewable Energy12016-2020 EEE
28KELTRON Power controls32016-2020 EEE
29KSEB32016-2020 EEE
30ANERT42016-2020 EEE
31Kerala Electrical & Allied Engineering Co. Ltd72016-2020 EEE