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Department of Chemistry has been an integral part of the college since its inception in 2002. It infuses basic concepts of chemistry especially relevant to engineering disciplines by modern teaching-learning process. In alignment with institute’s goals, department is dedicated to advancing fundamental knowledge in the theoretical and technical area. Department of Chemistry aims at the advancement of chemistry and technology to assist the students in multidisciplinary realms.

HOD’s Desk

At the Department of Chemistry, we strive to support different engineering disciplines by inculcating fundamental knowledge in theoretical and experimental chemistry to budding engineers. The department offers Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Chemistry Lab, Chemistry for Process Engineering and Chemistry Lab for Process Engineering courses to undergraduate students. We have experienced faculty to support project endeavours of B.Tech and M.Tech students of our institution. To disseminate and enhance knowledge in chemistry, we encourage our faculty to participate in workshops, conferences and publish research papers in journals. We are also committed to address societal and industrial challenges by innovative and collaborative research.

Dr. Siju N Antony