Digital Integrated Circuits Lab

Integrated Circuit lab is another well equipped & advanced Electronics lab. Some of the equipments in the lab are fixed and variable power supplies, digital and analog IC testers and digital trainer kits. In this lab, students get a strong understanding of Digital Electronics (Boolean algebra, K-map reduction, familiarization of logic gates, adders, MUXs, DEMUXs, encoders, decoders, flip-flops, counters, registers and alphanumeric LED displays).

Electronic Circuits Simulation Lab

This lab is intended for the second year students. It provides experiments that are related to Analog Circuits. The experiments are framed in such a way that the students are able to apply theoretical concepts related to diodes, photo electronic devices, BJTs, Op-amps and timer ICs and thereby design and set up circuits to verify the output waveforms/ characteristic curves with the expected result.

Embedded Systems Laboratory

In this lab, the students perform their experiments on Microprocessors and Microcontrollers using assembly language / Embedded C language. Interfacing of various peripherals is also done in this lab. Experiments in this lab are done with
8086 Microprocessor and 8051 microcontrollers. Applications using various development boards are also implemented in this lab.

Manufacturing and Prototyping Lab

The Manufacturing and Prototyping Lab for the Robotics and Automation students is done in the Machine Tool Lab. The primary objective of Machine Tool Lab is to train students with different operations that can be carried out on lathe, milling and grinding machines. Students are well trained to prepare the models on lathe and milling machine. They are adequately equipped in gear-cutting operations which will enhance their knowledge in gear manufacturing. They also gain knowledge about different measuring devices like sine bar, Vernier calliper etc.

Automation Lab

Automation laboratory familiarizes students in fluid power automation and different components of hydraulics, pneumatics, electro-hydraulic, electro- pneumatic and PLC-based systems. Here students get hands-on experience in designing and executing circuits for real systems. The virtual simulation experiments are based on electro-pneumatic, electro-hydraulic, and PLC-based systems. The lab is also furnished with an Advanced PLC training kit (with SCADA and Static modules), PLC-based Variable Frequency Drive, Proportional Control Valve kit, and circuitries similar to industrial application to assist students in understanding their operation. This lab is intended for undergraduate students, postgraduate students and research scholars who can utilize these facilities to design and develop automated systems.

Robotics Lab and Robot Operating Systems Lab

The Robotics Laboratory equipped with manipulators, mobile robots, drones, sensor mechanisms, mechatronics and control kits, etc. The lab is also equipped with high-performance workstations, installed with software including Robot Operating System (ROS), MATLAB, LabVIEW etc. The laboratory is utilized for academic activities of UG, PG and PhD programmes. The Laboratory is also a
workplace for different funded projects.