One Day Workshop on Brief Introduction to PLAXIS 3D


The workshop aims at introducing the Software Plaxis to the students. Plaxis is a Finite Element Program developed for the analysis of deformation, stability, and groundwater flow in Geotechnical Engineering. Plaxis offers 2D and 3D packages for Commercial purposes and Plaxis 3D is a three-dimensional finite element software, used worldwide for the analysis of complex linear and nonlinear geotechnicalengineering problems ranging from excavations, embankments, and foundations totunnelling, mining and reservoir geomechanics, etc. Plaxis 3D can define complexgeometry, simulate the actual construction and excavation processes, and has advanced outputfacilities for full 3D visualization of the details. The workshop in its limited time will try to cover the Modelling aspects, Meshing, Analysis, and Output in a nutshell. It also includes a few worked-out examples to let the participants know the applications. Prerequisite for the Workshop: A background in Geotechnical Engineering, Basic knowledge in FEM, Patience, Passion, and Engineering Judgement.

Fig 2.1 Dr. Balu E George receiving the memento from Dr. Reebu Zachariah Koshy

Fig 2.2 Dr. Balu E George delivering the session on introduction to PLAXIS 3D to the students