College Students’ Association

The Saintgits Engineering College Students Association (SESA) aims to train the students of the college to be worthy citizens of the country by inculcating in them high morale values and to promote opportunities for the development of character, leadership, efficiency, knowledge and spirit of service, to enable them to be better human beings. It also aims to organize debates, seminars, work groups, touring parties and such other functions; and to encourage sports, arts and other cultural, educational, social or recreational activities for development of the self in particular and that of society in general.

Membership and Selection to the College Association All students who are on the rolls of the college are ipso facto members of the College Association. For every academic year, from each class, one representative is to be selected by its members and each branch will have a branch representative. The class representative shall be selected in the first period of the forenoon session and branch representative in the first period of the afternoon session for satisfying the above requirements.

In this 50% shall be represented by lady students. These selected representatives shall form the college parliament from which the Executive Council is selected. For any position if there are more than one candidate, the outcome will be decided by drawing a lot. 

Executive Council

The Students Association of the College shall have an Executive Council consisting of: 

1) The President (Chairman)

2) The Vice President (Vice Chairman)

3) The General Secretary

4) The University Representative

5) The Literary Club Secretary 

6) The Arts Club Secretary

7) The Sports Secretary

8) One Student Member nominated by the Patron in recognition academic excellence.

9) One Student Member nominated by the Patron considering social or economic factors.

10) The Hon. Treasurer and Faculty in charge (Ex-officio Member)