Dr. Shibu K R

Designation: Associate Professor
Education:  B.Tech, M Tech, Ph.D

Professional Experience
Teaching  : 17 years

UG  : B.E Computer Science and Engineering
PG  : M.E Computer Science and Engineering

PhD: Computer Science and Engineering

Publication  (latest come first)
International Journals

  1.  .Shibu, K. R., & Sujipramila, R. (2021). Secret Key Generation by Exploiting Traffic Load for Mobile Adhoc Networks. Wireless Personal Communications, 1-14. (SCIe)
  2. Shibu, K. R., & Pramila, R. S. (2020). Load Based Key Generation for MANETs: A Comparative Study with DSR and AODV. Wireless Personal Communications, 1-10. (SCIe)
  3. Shibu, K. R., & Pramila, R. S. (2020).A Novel Secret Key Generation Scheme for Manets using Traffic Load to Avoid active Attackers. International Journal of Emerging Trends in Engineering Research, 8(5), 1540-1544. (Scopus)
  4. Shibu, K. R., & Pramila, R. S. (2019). Random Bit Extraction for Secret Key Generation in  MANETs. Wireless Personal Communications107(4), 2247-2261. (SCIe)
  5. Shibu, K. R., & Pramila, R. S. (2018). Routing protocol based key management schemes in manet: A Survey. International Journal of Engineering & Technology7(3), 1453-1456. (Scopus).
  6. Shibu K.R. A system for air pollution detection (2018). International Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology,6(6)
  7. Shibu K.R. A Comprehensive study of image matching techniques (2107). International of Informative & Futuristic Research,41(6266-6270)
  8. Shibu k.r, Amel Austine, Basil Baby, Jayan P P Reactive routing algorithms for MANETs-A Survey(2017). International Journal of Engineering Trends and Technology,44(3).
  9. Basil Baby, Amel Austine, Shibu K.R,(2017).A survey on Table Driven Routing Protocols in MANETs, (2017). International Journal of Engineering Research & Technology.6(02).
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  11. Salitha K.K, Shibu K.R (2013), Local Reconstruction Codes in Cloud, International Journal for Advance Research In Engineering and Technology. 1(4).


  • Life time member of ISTE    

Research Interest

  • Manets   
  • Networks    

Contact Details

Email: shibukarakkattu@gmail.com