Dr. Tijo D

Designation: Assistant Professor (Senior)
Education: Ph.D
Specialization: Production Engineering
Professional Experience: 8 Years
Area of Research:
Surface Engineering: Development of hard and wear resistant ceramic composite coating, Non-conventional machining: Study of machining characteristics with electro discharge machining, Powder Metallurgy: Development and characterization of metal matrix com
Publication Details (Most recent):
1. Surface Texturing Practices to Improve the Wear Behavior of Cutting Tools for Machining of SuperAlloys Taylor and Francis “1st Edition-2021 CRC Press-“
2. Deposition of TiC-Cu composite coating on AISI 304 stainless steel by EDC process using powder compact tool electrode Indian Journal of Engineering & Materials Sciences Vol. 27,
June 2020, pp. 623-630
3. TiC Coating on Aluminum by Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) Cladding Process National Conference On Advances In Mechanical Engineering (NCAME20) 2020
Contact Details: 8089283782